Unitylore FAQ

Why are comments not showing up after submitting?

All comments on Unitylore.com are moderated and have to be approved by the webmaster before they are published. Be informed, that spam is filtered and comments may be held back at the webmaster’s decision.

What about private user information?

When submitting a comment, only your message and chosen user name will be published. Your email address remains private and is only used to fight spam.

When using the contact form, your message will be sent to the webmaster only. Your email address will be sent along to make a reply possible.

Can I link to content on this site or quote from it?

You may link to this website and individual articles from related sites of the game development community. If you would like to embed parts of our content into your own site, please attribute to the respective author and Unitylore.com. Additionally, please notify the webmaster via the contact form about your citation.

Who are the authors?

Unitylore features content by members of the Unity community and game design students from Mediadesign Hochschule, Germany. Information is provided “as is” and without any warranty. However, articles are heavily moderated and updated to aim for the greatest benefit to the game development community.

Hyperlinks and third-party content

This site links to various other webpages to give users a place to go for additional information on topics or products. Please be be advised that you visit such links at your own risk. We only link to relevant and legal sites, but we cannot guarantee this. If you find a broken or suspicious link on Unitylore.com, please inform the webmaster.

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